It is with a heavy heart that I say to you all, we were betrayed by one of our own. A long time internet BFF and Uber nerd Valkabo felt as though he was betrayed/disrespected by your’s truly. With that loss of friendship came a loss of Uber programming skills and a vast knowledge and expertise of coding/programming and general know how of internet things too include the ins and outs of this website. So all previous posts and content has been lost (or saved to his hard drive and never to bee seen again).

However, just like the might Phoenix, from the ashes we shall rise again. Evil is heading up the Xbox division with his L33t Titan Fall skills while I grind out another 3 accounts worth of Ultima Online Characters (More to come on this soon). Candyman is vigorously grinding his way through the new Diablo expansion and PC well… is PC and has his fingers in just about everything, too include your girlfriend. Stay tuned for soon to come game reviews and updates as to which games and platforms SCx2 is actively playing. Thank you for visiting, we will see you in game!